The VREP team

Leadership Team

The VREP Leadership Team is committed to taking VREP to scale first in 3 states and then nationwide to provide this robust learning opportunity to students across the country. This is not a for-profit enterprise – it is an idea shared by many partners committed to providing the highest quality learning experiences for students at the most reasonable cost possible. VREP’s goal is to be self-sustaining using a blended revenue.


Jack R. Harris: Director – Retired

Jack was the person who took VREP from a one-school experiment to a statewide pilot project. Jack’s experience with utilizing VR and 3D in manufacturing and design along with his vision for VREP and passion for kids and learning helps to guide VREP decision making.

Rex Kozak: CEO/Director of Virtual Reality Education Pathfinder (VREP).  CEO and Director of Intern-U and Tech-U providing opportunities for students to intern.

Rex is the pioneer of VREP – it was he who first brought VR into schools and implemented a very innovative and different approach to teaching and learning. Rex serves as our guide and senior statesman to ensure that the VREP vision is fulfilled and that the “voice of the school leader” is present in all decisions.

Elliott Smith: Executive Director, Iowa Business Council

Patrick Barns
John Deere

Brenda Beals
Rockwell Collins

Stephen Gilbert
Iowa State University

Gail Kotval
Innovation Council Liaison, Iowa Economic Development Authority

John Carver

Trace Pickering
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Rex Kozak



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Rex Kozak


Rex Kozak