Student Testimonials

What do the students say?

This video (made by Tyler Peterson and the VREP students at the Boone school district in Boone, I0wa) describes many of the things that VREP has offered them and why they are excited to come to school again.


The following are quotes from actual VREP students:

  • Transformation of Students
    “I used to not be very good with grades. Needless to say they have improved. I was a C, D student. I probably would have dropped out… I used to be one of those kids that didn’t care. I didn’t care anything about teaching or anything about the school, but now that I’ve used this technology I can see that there will be great improvements with history and instead of using a text book, you can flip on a screen and say this is what it would look like and instead of seeing a 2-D picture, a whole 3-D thing. Maybe even experience what happened.”
  • Value of VREP Experience
    “I think [VR] helps because being able to see it helps me out a lot better because I can get a mental picture of what it looks like, rather than just the words the teachers say.””This [using VR] is kinda jumping me forward [in my classes] because I ask questions of some people that are past physical science.”
  • Peer Mentoring
    “We’re always working together and a lot of people say that’s a valuable skill.””Yes, and that comes down to all the stuff with touching, the sensors… [another student] helped with most of this stuff… so it went by pretty quick, with all the properties which I had no clue about until he showed me.”
  • Application of STEM concepts outside of class
    “I was sitting in science the other day, taking a test and something just popped into my head that would be fun to make. I should add that into a VR project. So I am going to incorporate some of that stuff… you know you sit in class and the teacher says something and it just sparks.”
  • Outside Teacher as Client
    “I was even talking to my biology teacher the other day, we were talking about cells and different organelles in it, and he was like, ‘Well, what are you actually doing in Virtual Reality?’ And, I said, ‘Well, if everything was up and running I would show you a model of a cell, and we would take it apart and you could learn individually about it.’ He’s like, ”Really?’ I was like, ‘Yes, because we could do different layers. We could do, like, passive transport. We could do different things with it.’ And, so he was, the teacher was like very impressed with it.”


Other References:
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Johnson’s research indicates that “gaming” has a profound impact on improving student learning and brain development.