Videos, Images,and Tutorials


BlenderBasics_4thEdition2011 – Book on how to use blender with tutorials (178 pages).


trees-made-simple-in-blender – From Christian Blinkinsop


Snowman Tutorial

Snowman Scene – This tutorial goes along with the snowman tutorial.

Blender Logo Tutorial

Fire Tutorial

Blender Shortcuts

Basic Animation Tutorial

Shane Trautsch’s tutorial page

BlenderLogoTutorial-Beginner  Original by Shane Trautsch with modifications by Penny Braverman.

How to Load Blender from Penny Braverman

Blender Hotkeys Cheatsheet from Penny Braverman

3D Printer Directions From Penny Braverman on how to run a Solidoodle 3D printer

3.6 Metric Project Unit plan from Penny Braverman.



John Weverka:

Robot 2



Robot Composite






Forest Bubble






October Scene



Nick DeReus:

Alchemists Table


















Shane Trautsch:







Realistic Water Final Render_Play






Eric Trautsch:



The above video is the collected works of Ben Neff throughout his high school VREP career.

This is a good example of how a student’s work in VREP could also be used in the classroom for teaching purposes.


This video, unfortunately would not play. To view it, please follow the link below to the original article and video on the CBS News website.

CBS news did a special on a VREP school in Arizona.  To view the original story, please click here.