Tech Specs and Support

A complete VREP system should include:

    • 1 Monitor
    • 1 Projector
    • 8 3D Glasses
    • 1 Keyboard & Mouse
    • 1 Desktop Computer

(Approximate cost: $4400)

Student Computer Recommendations

Macbook Pro laptop:

      • Intel 2.7 GHz i7 core
      • 8 GB memory
      • 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM
      • 3000 Intel HD graphics 512 MB

Windows/Linux Computer

      • Intel i7 Processor (Liquid Cooled)
      • 1TB HD and 120GB SSD (Speed and Performance)
      • Ouadro 4000 Graphics Card
      • 16 GB Ram

3D Printers:

We will work with schools to find a printer that fits their needs. There are more 3D printers coming out on the market that allow you to change the head to do more than just 3D print, such as: milling/engraving, ceramics, laser cut/engrave, chocolate and cake, and even turn it into a 5-axis miller.

          *The smart extruders on newer Makerbot 3D printer models have a life span of 200-500 hours of use, and then the replacement cost is $175.

Plastic types we offer:

PLA is biodegradable, corn-based plastic. It doesn’t shrink as much as other materials when it cools, thus minimzing warpage so while it can be advantageous, especially for large prints you do not technically need a heated bed. It has a lower melting temperature than ABS and it oozes a bit more than ABS.

ABS is not biodegradable but has higher ‘strength’ characterstics than PLA. It does shrink more when cooling so especially when layering with a print process it will warp. A heated bed is needed and large prints are typically much more difficult or impossible without a heated build chamber (still covered by commercial patents). ABS is considered to be more durable than PLA.


Technical Support

If you are having problems with Blender or using the Solidoodle printer, please follow the links to their support sites.

Other Available software

These are programs that have been recommended to VREP.  Please follow this link to view them.