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VREP is an educational initiative and partnership between government, education, and industry creating an ever-growing consortium of schools and businesses committed to bringing a new kind of learning and teaching to schools across the country. Click here to learn more.

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Welcome to VREP! “Because of this student-led approach, knowledge is no longer confined to the four walls of our school. The students become the teacher, the learner, the developer and, as a result, become more responsible for their own learning and education. We have seen high performing students, disengaged students, and students with learning difficulties […]

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New: CG Trader: Multiple Deadlines CG Trader has multiple challenges currently open with deadlines ranging from a couple hours to 2 months. Feel free to look at their challenges and enter as many of them as you would like!   Blender Guru: Blender Guru always has a competition going on, and the themes change. […]

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