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We are please to announce this year’s VREP Scholarship Winners of the Mechdyne, ITI Global Scholarships: Aubrey Postier- Kasson-Mantorville High School, MN Cody Birks- Central Comunnity School, DeWitt, IA Tyler Peterson- Boone Community School, Boone, IA   Congratulations to these 3 individuals and may they meet with success in their very bright futures!

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Congratulations to John Weverka, VREP student at West Monona: John Weverka, a junior from West Monona, has earned a National Scholastic Art Award in Digital Art. He will be awarded a Silver Medal and is one of only four art students from Iowa that will be recognized at Carnegie Hall in NYC,  as well as […]

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Welcome to VREP! “Because of this student-led approach, knowledge is no longer confined to the four walls of our school. The students become the teacher, the learner, the developer and, as a result, become more responsible for their own learning and education. We have seen high performing students, disengaged students, and students with learning difficulties […]

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VREP Schools, We are please to release the great opportunities at  Morningside and at DMACC.  We are getting information put together from two other schools on what is available at their schools for VREP students.  Keep watching the VREP Web page for links and updates.  We hope that students are looking forward to the opportunities […]

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