A short update about what is going on with VREP and the beginning of school visits and regional meetings.
Bob Berggren and Alex Kozak have been setting up meetings with the Regional STEM leaders.  In these meetings they are working to ensure the goals and objectives of VREP are understood by the STEM Hub leaders.  They are also starting their visits of schools in VREP and schools that have expressed learning more about VREP.  If you do not hear from either of them please let me know and they will be in contact with you.  Our goal is to visit all schools.
Thank you to those that have sent in their SCALE up documents or their VREP Documents.  This helps us in making sure we know who your VREP Champion is in your school.  If you have misplaced your VREP documents and need them resent please let me know.  We would like to have all VREP schools registered.
Reminder that VREP is a program that connects with many different careers and leads the student to self confidence and problem solving.  VREP is based on authentic student work and student driven with focus on problem solving.
Do not forget the Dual enrollment opportunity for VREP students through the community colleges.  Also there are scholarship opportunities for VREP students.  More details will becoming about scholarship opportunities.
This years Annual Iowa VREP Showcase is April 15 in Des Moines IA.  The VREP Showcase dates in the other states will be set very soon.
Looking for student trainers to go to other schools to train or to help with regional meetings.  These are paid opportunities for students.  If you have a student that you would recommend please send me their name and contact information.
Have a great day.

About the Author: Alexander Kozak