CG Trader: Multiple Deadlines

CG Trader has multiple challenges currently open with deadlines ranging from a couple hours to 2 months. Feel free to look at their challenges and enter as many of them as you would like!


Blender Guru:

Blender Guru always has a competition going on, and the themes change.


Stratasys has a contest open to students interested in or studying Engineering, Art, and Architecture. There will be 3 categories split into Engineering: Secondary Education (middle school & high school), Engineering: Post-Secondary (university or college) and Art/Architecture. The entries can be done individually or in pairs, and the winners in each category receive $2500 scholarships while the 2nd and 3rd place winners receive $1000 scholarships. On top of the scholarships the top 10 in each category will receive a clothing item worth up to $50, each entry gets a t-shirt, and the regional finalists get their design 3D printed.

As an incentive for you teachers, if you have a student selected for 1st place you will gain limited time access to a demo 3D printer for classroom use.

The Deadline is February 4, 2016.

For more information on the contest click the link below.

Stratasys is one of the largest 3D printer manufacturers that produces high end 3D printers around the world.


Old: – This contest is to create a tool that the students believe astronauts need in space. It is open to k-12 students. One of the prizes for winning is the tool that you make will be one of the first objects printed in space. There are other prizes based on age, such as a donated 3D printer for a school whose student is between the ages of 5-12 or for the older students there is a runner up prize of a trip to Los Angeles for a day of Movie VFX Education at Digital Domain to see how 3D models are used in movies and a tour of SpaceX where you get to see rockets up close.

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