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VREP Schools,

cheap indinavir side We are please to release the great opportunities at  Morningside and at DMACC.  We are getting information put together from two other schools on what is available at their schools for VREP students.  Keep watching the VREP Web page for links and updates.  We hope that students are looking forward to the opportunities that we are trying to develop for them so they can continue to develop their skills.  So look for more announcements in the very near future.

We continue to work on the internship opportunities for current VREP Students and past VREP students.  We will be making a couple of announcements soon on opportunities for this coming summer.  We will send that out to everyone and be putting information up on our website.

At this time we will be having Scholarships available in the Spring both for students in Iowa and in other states.  Our business supports are planning on making donations once again to help make these scholarship a reality once again.

We are looking for former VREP students that have graduated from high school or college or are in college .  The VREP student planning committee would like to contact some of them and see if they would attend this years VREP Showcase and share their experiences and possibly what they are doing now.   So if you could send us some contacts that would be great.

This years VREP Showcase is April 8 and will be held in Des Moines.  We are finalizing the location and will release in the near future.  This will be the 5th Showcase and we hope you join us for a great day.  The student planning committee is doing a great job in getting things organized.  More details will be released soon.  Please start thinking about recommend someone to be a presenter or conduct a breakout session.

On the web page under events you can find upcoming trainings or other learning opportunities.  Please check there frequently to learn of opportunities or possibly hosting an event.

We are in an exciting time and many things are happening with VREP in the State of Iowa and other States.  We appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing.  If you have any questions or recommendations please let me know.  Please feel free to share information with others.


Rex Kozak
VREP Director



October 2013 VREP Update,

We are off to another very fast and moving fall with VREP. Bob Berggren has been busing visiting schools and conduction trainings. Bob is an excellent asset and I cannot thank him enough for all that he does for VREP.

We are working closely with Morningside College to bring about the opportunity for college credit to high school students. This statement in the rationale for making the credit available to high school students sums it all up: Making credit available for work well done allows Morningside to directly recruit VREP students – students who have demonstrated the ability for self-directed and initiative to pursue it. These are students eager to learn. It provides an opportunity to attract students from a pool of highly motivated self-directed learners who have done work that clearly qualifies as beginning college-level work.

What a complement to all of you working with VREP and to your students for a college to recognize the work you’re doing! Thank you.

There may be an opportunity to create a Career Academy with one of the Community Colleges for the high schools in that college’s area. Once more details are finalized we will provide information.

We are also working on making connections with industry to get more Internship opportunities for the VREP students. Continue to work on creating more scholarship opportunities. Encourage your students to grow with their work, and possibly be recognized for their work.

Our new improved webpage is up and working. Some students are starting to upload tutorials and some of their work. Would really appreciate more
being uploaded from all grade levels. Also teachers have uploaded rubrics and other information. Please check out the web page. also we have a user groups for students to connect.

We are looking for students and advisors willing to consider being on the planning team for this year’s VREP Showcase on April 8, 2014. This will be our 5th year of having a Showcase. We plan on have business there to showcase how the students can use their skills past high school. If you’re interested in being involved in the planning, let me know.

The Steering Committee is working on developing a sustainability plan to carry into the future.

We continue to work with our partner states to expand the program across the country. We have the opportunity for VREP students to work with a young man who attends college in Columbia on using Blender to create a Robotic simulation for a class he is taking in engineering. This is extremely interesting event and hopefully we can increase these opportunities for VREP students. I know our business connections will be very interested in the VREP students that grow in being able to this type of collaboration.

We are ready to start making 3D printers available to schools. If you are interested in adding a 3D printer to your program please let me know.

Finally, thank you to everyone for being so understanding and supportive. I am trying to keep up and get back to everyone. I may not get back to you during the school day but I will get back to you as soon as I can in the evening.

Again, thank you to everyone for making VREP a strong STEM program within the state of Iowa and in other States. Everyone is encouraged to visit the VREP webpage. And as always, if you have questions, please contact me.

Have a Great Day!

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